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Welcome to Nicefine.net
  • The Indonesian Home Furnishing and Home Decor’s Online Shop

    If it’s interesting, if it’s stunning, if it’s impressive and one-of-the-kind piece, then one must think that it’s probably coming from Nicefine.net, a fun line of Indonesian wooden furniture and home decor.

    Comes with so many kinds of treasures you can’t find just anywhere – stylish home furnishings, art product, women and kids stuff, Nicefine.net understands every clients’ desire for innovative, personalized, uniquely designed style of home appliances.

    Our premium-quality furniture collection has all the character of worth, unique and durable pieces of art. Each products has their own style, bringing a vibrant pop of exoticism. Find our collection of tropical styles of vanities, tropical and folding styles of living furniture and also, our masterpieces, teak root furniture collection including wash basins, bowls and stools which are crafted in naturally sturdiness and beauty.

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